Rhythm & Hues' Voodoo (internal CG software)

Pretty inspiring stuff (and a fun app to use when I was there!)


Mannnnn… some of those tools would be amazing to have. The interactive weighting widget in the viewport would be so cool for rigging!

Finally watched to the end and saw the photogrammetry. DROOOOL.

Very cool video.

I do no doubt about the quality of the software but one thing strikes me most… That it is heavily based on automation.

It’s no joke that as the complexity to create content increases, so do automatons must increase.

amazing video! It looks almost impossible for a soft to be capable of such things and apparently is still light (even if I do not know on what kind of computer this was running).

The interactive weighting is what impressed me most too. I wonder if it’s possible to set up a rig with drivers that can blend between vertex groups for a bone the way you can do it with shapekeys… It’s not exactly a rigging tool, it’s more to facilitate the animator’s work for poses that just refuse to deform correctly. Whatever happened with AniSculpt?

well i would really love some muscle simulation, and hair collision on blender.

However what I want to know is why post these ? We know this is a in house tool. Is there a plan for some collaboration with voodoo & blender ? or Maybe some signals that some of the software developers of voodoo thinking of participating in development of blender ?

sometimes is nice to see something also outside of blender world:) Also, with project gooseberry who know what kind of tools may be included in blender, this could serve as inspiration.

Very, very inspiring!

if they started selling licenses of this software, if I was autodesk I’d get at least a little bit worried about my monopoly

Server dead :frowning: any mirrors?

Their servers are probably overloaded right now with people who are trying to access their website. Just wait for a bit and try again later.

I already saw the video and yes, I must agree that their inhouse tools looks amazing. However so does the inhouse tools at ILM, WETA, Disney, etc. All those big companies have some incredible internally developed tools. The thing is that we are probably never going to be able to buy them, at least not while the company still is running. They are all tools that gives the company that ‘edge’ over the competitors and as long as they are still in business they are not going to give up that advantage.

Clearly we’ll never have those exact tools. but they function as a thought exercise that could eventually lead to similar implementation in Blender by the right-minded coder. There are many freely available papers on photogrammetry, for example. The video just happens to show an excellent artist workflow for the tools themselves. I think the workflows are what we should take from examples like this. It helps to not have to reinvent the wheel for ideal interaction when developing new tools.

This is incredible!

+1 to this - I think our devs can seriously benefit from seeing the workflow in action