RIB exporter?

(bmax) #1

Back when NaN wasn’t bankrupt yet (and their site was up), there was a RIB export script in the Pyhon Script section. But now… there ain’t one anmore :frowning:

If you want to help me, you can do one of the three 8) :

  1. Inform me how (if at all possible) you can render animations in LightFlow (and i dont mean one frame after the other :stuck_out_tongue: )
  2. Supply with a RIB export script :smiley:
  3. Tell me how the hell do i get BlenderMan to work !!! 8)


(LethalSideP) #2

Where’s POV-Ray? It’s the world’s vest free raytacer, and thanks to JMS integration with Blender is getting better and better…Still not convinced? Go to www.povray.org and check out some of their demos. Beats the pants off BMRT for sure.

But Blender’s still my fave tho’ 8)


(S68) #3

Blender, but also Lightflow is great!


(beatabix) #4

firstly, blenderman IS a RIB exporter, probably far better than the outdated one you are most likely thinking of.

secondly, to get blenderman to work, first you need to get BMRT to work. it set itself up almost perfectly for me, no problem (win XP), although i needed to set all of the environment variables (but BMRT had a help file telling me how to do this).
then, you should make sure you have the right python installation. despite the fact that it’s been said time and time again, “use 2.0.1”, people still turn up saying they’ve installed python 2.2 and blender scripts won’t work!

anyway, hope this helps.


(kayosIII) #5

I think that povray will get more of a listen in when 3.5 becomes official. prior to this you had to use megapov to be effective with poly modellers like Blender. (At the moment downloading every week is a pain in the ****)

I voted for lightflow because Blender does not have refraction that I sorely need. The others I have written exporters for and they were all pains in the *****

(IamInnocent) #6

All of them have their strenght and weaknesses.
Forgetting (or ignoring ?) POV is quite strange. Had it been a choice it would have been mine because it’s better all around with a nice mix of speed (for a raytracer) and features, plus the best support just as good as that of Blender Community. It is always active, always evolving, always non-commercial.

If you didn’t know about POV, better update : you’re 10 years late !

(macke) #7

Are you serious or are you just the average blender mofo?

(Green) #8

povray beats the pants of bmrt?

uhhm sure
can you show me anny studios at all that use povray as their renderer?

bmrt has been used in such movies as a bugs life and hallow man to name a few.

Its not the tool its the artist.

If you suck dont blame the tool.

(Timothy) #9

blender does have refraction

(S68) #10

Uhu? It has?


(Timothy) #11


Uhu? It has?


Sure check this out:


and you can find the .blend file at


(note this is not a .blend of mine, so leave the copyright note intact)


(S68) #12

Hehe, it’s a (known) old trick :stuck_out_tongue:

try to do refraction with something else than a sphere :wink:


(Green) #13

the only use for glass in 3d is spheres :stuck_out_tongue:

/me hides

(S68) #14

/me sends Green to his last post :stuck_out_tongue: