Riccardo the aviator

Good afternoon! I made this last summer! :slight_smile: As you know, this isn’t my concept (it is of Tim Von Rueden, if I’m not wrong) and I didn’t follow the tutorial because with fee. :slight_smile:
I modelled it in Blender, made the textures in Photoshop, rendered in Cycles in 3 hours and 15 minutes.
Post production in Photoshop where I made a background that remind character’s colours.
I hope you’ll like it! http://cgcnetworksites.cgcookie.netdna-cdn.com/blender/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Very good work.

Great job with the textures and shading!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

awesome man ,! eye looks too glassy i think .

Very nice modeling skills :). But I think the color of the hair is a bit misplaced somehow…

oo make a human like this caracter is all that i want to do but i can´t … recomend some tutorial?

Wow! For not having followed the tutorial, you came up with an excellent render. =)

Thanks guys! :smiley:
Yes, I share that eyes are a little bit glossy :confused: I would have to work a little more, but it was my first organic project so I was satisfied! :slight_smile:

The materials look great, nice work.

Very good. What took 3 hours? Render?

wow !!! amazing!!
i really liked this model but the hands are small and the boots also
head need a little more work!!

The concept isn’t mine, as I said! And the style is caricature-like :open_mouth:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, 3 hours of render :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

You can find the tutorial for this exact character here: http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/introduction-to-character-modeling-in-blender/

But you have to buy it! :confused: I used only the draw! :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry I should have mentioned that. I’m just beginning to learn blender and have subscribed to cgbookie, the tutorial is really good though, well worth the money in my opinion.