Rick and Morty meets Spider-Man - Spider Rick Blender Sculpture

A special for reaching 20,000 subscribers on the channel i did a character mash up of Rick and Morty with Spiderman! Enjoy the video :slight_smile:


this is awesome work, the details on the suet is really amazing
tell me the web strand,s are not really modeled and it,s just a normal map ?

Spider Rick, Spider Rick, does whatever a Spider Rick does! This is too funny. Great job, he looks awesome.

Modeled, i have 2 videos on it on the channel you can check them out :slight_smile:

A very enjoyable piece. There’s no more popular trend then the mashing together of two franchises.
Rick has a very lanky body compared to Peter’s buff-yet-thin teenager physique, and I think that contrast is part of why I like it.

That’s awesome.
I want to see pickle Rick in am mash up like this.

I agree with Dking, this begs for a follow up with Pickle Rick!