Rick Grimes

Here’s my previous weekly model :wink:

Rick Grimes!
I’m a big fan of the comics & the show so I definitely wanted to make a model of him :slight_smile:
I wanted him to look more like the original design from tony moore but around the time of the hunters (terminus).

It’s entirely made in Blender + a bit of Photoshop afterwards!
Please tell me what you think & critique is very welcome.

I loves it!! also this character from walking is one of my fav, maybe you can do one of Michonne next…

I’d really love to do that! I definitively want to do one of Clementine from the games too. :wink:
After that maybe Michonne & Lee :smiley:

looks great!
Now do Frank Grimes!

Haha, flashback, when Sprigfield was a funny place!

The lost brother XD Great idea! :smiley: