Rick Sanchez


I was right in the middle of a big project when Andrew started the character competition so I am kind of pressed for time right now. However, he does say deadlines are great soee…

Nevertheless, I am still very new to this topic and I would love some feedback on this small project. It is not finished wet - I still need to finish the hand, the eyelids and his clothes - but I am having a very hard time getting the bump-mapping right. Do you draw it by hand like a color texture?

Enough talking - here’s the image:

Any feedback will be appreciated!

  • Daniel


Well, I’m not very happy with the result, but this is the final render after all…



I think your work is better than you think. To start with… I can identify it as Rick (even if you didn’t tell me). Secondly, the main characteristics, although not “perfect”, are close to what they should be like. To be honest I think it’s the mouth and nose that need work to get from 90% to 100% likeness. Also, what’s up with his pinky? looks disfigured at the crease above the knuckle.

It is close enough to being Rick as to be recognizable. That is good.

I had seen many cartoon designs given realistic treatment and they always looked uncanny. I think this style is meant to be grotesque. This is a design choice so

There is a need to improve the eyelids though, they should stick to the eyeball. Here they look like they are being peeled off. Though, if you stay more true to the cartoon design, the eye should be bulging out. Like this:


I also think you need to improve the eyebrow structure. It just looks too sharp. I know that this is a cartoon character but the sharp eyebrow doesn’t look organic. Again, staying true® to the cartoon design, the eyebrow should be smooth.

Also, how he holds the gun is wrong. The thumb should be on the opposite side of the handle from the other fingers. That is the proper way to hold anything.

While we are talking about the hands, the joints of the fingers have collapsed making them look bendy and squished, while the hand looked deformed. Correct the form. You apply the bone deformation, then manually edit the mesh; or use a shape key to correct the deformations.

There is also some texture stretching especially between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid.

Other things I change would be the hair. It seems to me that you used a single hair particle system for the hair. Try using several hair particles in individual patches, one system for each spike. That would give you more control of the hair that is needed for this stylized hair style.

That is all I can say for now. Hope you find something useful.


Thank you for the quality feedback guys!
I really appretere that you have taken the time to help me out.

At the moment I do not have much time, but I hope to be able to get back to this project later.

@RF Props: I will work mouth and the nose then. I did spend almost all the time on the eye while I though they were the most important parts of the character. Well, yea. The hand, in general, looks very weird. Thank you!

@Ralmon Meril: Thank you for the feedback! I were not aware of problems with the eyes - thank you for pointing it out. I guess I went for a detailed, cartoonish look - if that makes sense. When I get back to the project I will keep it in mind - More organic shapes.
Well, I don’t know what I was thinking while i posed the hand… Great tip on the fingers as well, I really tried to get my rig to work right, but eventually i just gave up.
Yes, I only used one system with one particle for each spike.
It was very useful! Thank you so much!