Ridged Body physics question

I’m trying to get a small sphere to hit mancandy.
I can hand key it but it gets old playing with the IPOs
to get the speed right.
Could I use ridged body physics to do this ?
I’ve been struggling to totally cross over from Maya,
I know how to do in Maya but not blender.

I think you could. What you could do is vertex parent a small plane (where you generally expect the impact to occur) to the mesh of the rig. Then use that plane in the physics simulation as a deflector/rigid body. Once you have recorded the IPO, simply move the deflector to another layer so you do not render it. You could also use multiple planes where you expect multiple contacts to occur. As long as the planes are parented to the mesh, they should animate the mesh does.

Maybe there are other ways too, but that is what popped into my head when I saw your post.

Okay I totally understand as I have messed around with ridged bodies some.
How would I get the object a starting velocity and not constant velocity?
I did it in the game logic but I’m not getting what I want.
Just a simple pulse of velocity is all I need.

One way I have done it in the past is to add a key actuator to the object you want to set in motion, like the space bar. Then you run the simulation and hold down the space bar to set it into motion. Kind of like launching a pinball. This adds a kind of performance aspect to the simulation.

I thought about that :slight_smile:
I’ll try right now.
First time an animation project I’ve worded on is working and seems like a realistic goal.