Rig a cable with two ends

So I was doing something like this, however, I’m using a mesh that adapts to the curve with the curve modifier, however, the mesh doesn’t adjust to the curve.


Hey, The ‘Curve’ modifier acts like a guide,it will re-shape the mesh only in a certain way. If you want the mesh object to be more flexible, you will need to use an armature so you can bind the verts to bones,(weight paint). In this case I would use the ‘Spline IK’, it’s made for this kind of thing.

A curve deformed mesh maintains its real length as it follows the curve. That’s why it’s not following your hook perfectly: it’s too long, it overshoots it.

If you want it to maintain the length of the curve, which will involve stretching, enable bounds clamp and stretch on your your curve object in porperties/object data/shape.


Thank you! That’s working exactly as I expected!


Sorry about that, I completely forgot about that. :upside_down_face:

Thanks B, (stupid me) :upside_down_face: