Rig character in order to match UE4 mannequin skeleton

Hi everyone

Sorry for another topic about rigging for UE4 but I’m stuck from a week about the argument and all the tutorial I’ve found online have different solutions that don’t work for me.

I’ve made a custom character for a client, now he asked me to rig it in order to use the UE4 mannequin skeleton so he can use his animation.

I’ve succesfully imported the skeleton in Blender, used the automatic weight and reimported the character in the engine, but obiviously there are some weight problems.

I’ve tried to weight manually as I’ve always do with my custom rigs but the UE4 skeleton in blender appears to be a mess and I don’t know who to set up everything, the only solution I’ve found online are payed addons (I’ve already Automatic Rig Pro and works for me 1 time on 10, no fortune with UE4 export) or tutorials where they rig again the exact same UE mannequin or a stick man, nothing about complex character with multiple objects or different poses from the UE mannequin A pose.

Some of you is experienced enough on this topic and know how to help me?

Thank you in advance.


A long time has pasted, but a I hope this help you in a near future: