Rig mesh pose (1 frame) reset

So basically I have a rig and a mesh. I have animated some bones in the rig and set the animation to play with an always sensor. The rig is spawned in.
After the rig has been spawned, the rig resets its scale (which is animated) for one frame before changing back with the animation.

Things I have done when testing this:

  • set the timeline to 0
  • tried all the other animation playback methods
  • turned continue on and off (in the animation actuator)
  • toggled the visibility around the time it is spawned.
  • applying the scale to the mesh and spawner

Is there anything I am missing? This is quite annoying as it seems to be impossible to get rid of.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I believe this problem is that the scale of an instance of an object will be set to the current scale of the source object on the hidden layer, before animated scale takes effect. This was particularly an issue for me with particles, if I wanted them to scale from 0 they’d pop in at scale 1 for a frame first. My solutions were either to make sure the source object on the hidden layer is already set at the scale I’m going to want to spawn instances at (assuming they all spawn at the same size), or failing that, just spawn instances as invisible and set them to visible a frame later.

Awesome stuff, the problem was exactly that:
I was spawning an empty which the rig was parented to. The trick to play an animation of the empty starting at 0 and increasing to the normal size.