Rig method / Game engine

Does weight paint work in the game engine? I have rigged my model with weight paint, and it animates well. Now I have made it so that when I press “w” the character animates. But it doesn’t seem to respond. Is this because I’m using weight paint to rig my character, or am I just doing something wrong?

Also if weight paint doesn’t work in the game engine, is there some way to convert the weight paint rig into a normal vertex group rig? Because I don’t wanna rig it again, I hate rigging, especially with vertex groups. Weight paint is not so bad, but vertex groups AHHH!


No weight painting in the GE. There should be a giant plaque erected with those words on it.

I’ve seen Makin Bacon say you can’t use weight painting too many times now so I had to register and tell you how to fix the problem instead of erecting a giant plaque of nonsense.
Weight painting just makes the vertex groups for you, i’m guessing your problem is the way you parented the mesh to the armature. If you used a modifier that wont work. instead, get rid of the modifier and select the mesh first, then the armature while holding the shift key. Next press ctrl p and select armature. it will give several options to make vertex groups or not create groups at all. for future reference it’s usually easier to use the create from bone heat, but since you already created groups with weight paint select dont create groups. now it should work fine.

hah true i use weight paint (even bone heat) all the time, just use armature parenting instead of the modifier

I never used the modifier, I first selected the object then the bone. Then I chose the create from bone heat option.
So is that supposed to work, or what??

Sorry I’m a bit confused xD

how’s your logic brick setup?

Ahh the thing is that I’m clueless on how to setup and make the whole thing work. If you could please have a look at the blend file. Try to make him turn his head or something when you press the “w” key in game mode. And if you figure out how to make it work please reply and tell me what you did. Thanks alot!:rolleyes:

EDIT: Or you could just repost the blend…


cat.blend (199 KB)

well for starters, you had no animations to begin with, so i added one, and named it beg. everything you had as far as parenting and vertex weighting/painting/groups was fine. then you add the logic bricks to the Armature itself, sensor of your choice(i chose space bar), AND controller, and Action Actuator, the name of the action(beg) and the frames of the animation you want to be played(1-10). that’s it, i also added an empty to show you a better way of moving your char around, you tie all your movements to it, then make it the parent of your armature(which is the parent of your mesh) so it all moves around with the empty. here’s the blend file.(i used blender 2.47)


cat1.blend (242 KB)

Thanks alot man, by looking at your blend I realised what I did wrong. I made a ipo in the ipo editor. Not in the action editor, that is why it didn’t work. And why should I use a empty to move? Just to make it all looks prettier or something xD