Rig not attaching to character

my rigify rig does not want to attach the characters. I have already tried parenting the rig and the mesh with automatic weights, but when I try to move the character, only the rig moves. I am REALLY pressed for time and any help is appreciated.https://www.dropbox.com/s/8c2nuc0efye1kdf/untitled.blend?dl=0

HI, looking at the size of your file, my guess is that your mesh is too dense for parenting to rig.

Yeah that’s an 8 million verts character you are trying to rig. You need to retopologize your character first or ask whoever gave you the file for a low poly model that is suited for animation.

You can try quadremesher and map your materials to the lower poly mesh. Somewhere around 20,000 faces ± a couple of thousand should do you. them bump map your low poly with with high poly. Of course you will have to adjust your auto weights to get decent deformations.

I tried to

decimate the geometry and it did lower the poly mesh, but now when I go into object mode this happens. @stilltrying @Kolloom

Decimate is a poor choice as animation rig requires specific geometry around joints and facial features.

Make sure you clear all your parents. Make sure your modifiers are clear. Try that quadremesher (you can try it for free to see if you would like it). I highly recommend it for an application just like yours. I have not interest in it other than it really is a very useful tool. Other than that you will have to explain step by step what you did. It appears that clearing parents is my first guess. Rather than guess, if that doesn’t work put another blend it after you fix it.

Do you think just retopologies the character will make the model better for rigging? @stilltrying @digitvisions

If you want to animate it yes. Be sure to follow good topology because that will impact it as well.remeshedquickly.blend (2.9 MB)
Here is a quick remesh I did to get you going. You will need to put a texture with bump maps on it to bring back the detail. Google blender bake to low poly model from high poly model. This one you can rig.

Wow! thank you so much @stilltrying