Rigacar to generate rig for cars

Hello everyone,

This is my addon to generate rig for cars. I called it Rigacar.

Rigacar provides the following features :

  • generate a complete rig as quickly as possible for standard car models
  • provide tools to automate wheels animation and control suspension
  • allow efficient animation baking to be able to export animated models into real time renderers

You can watch my series of videotutorials. They were made for Rigacar v3.0 so they are a little bit outdated but they are still useful until I have time to post new ones.

The complete documentation is available here:

Latest version is here :

Drive safely!


Thanks for good thing

I´m really so grateful for all the wonderful Blender addons lately. Great job on this one! :slight_smile:

This looks great - going to give it a try! Do you think it could work for toony cars with lattice deformation, if the lattice is stacked after everything else? I’ll try to check back after I give this a go.

Haven’t tried it yet, but chiming in to thank you for the great documentation too! It looks like the only thing I might have wanted (maybe next version?..) could be an animation control for the steering wheel. For the cars I’m doing at the moment (cartoony, Model T Fords etc.) this would be a timesaver I think. Keep up the great work!

I think video tutorial is missing .

Hey I just tried Rigacar on my Toony Model T. Works great even with crazy lattice deformer. I need to probably work on the rig to deal with exposed axles etc. but this still saves so much time for me!

EDIT: see new video in post 9

Good rig and the music also good match perfect

New version of animation:
Fixed the axle parenting and parented the lattice to the body rather than the root. Also amped up the suspension factor for fun, and tidied the shrinkwrap and steering. Thanks again for the addon. So helpful!

Animation control for the steering wheel is a good idea. I thought about it but it was not on my todo list because the models I have to animate don’t need it.
Hopefully it’s not to complicated to achieve manually : you can add a bone and a constraint to copy rotation on Z axis from the bone named MCH-Steering.

Sure :yes:
Unfortunately, I have no time for this until at least late december… sorry

Really nice and fun.
Happy to see the rig can be used on this kind of model!
But I am not really convinced by the steering animation on the video (is there any ?). Actually I am not completely satisfied by the code I wrote for the baking of the steering animation and I suspect it should be improved. Let me know if you find out something wrong about it.

Thanks. Just realised I should have tried the drift control :wink:

Yes in the first video I just tried the baked steering, and it did something but not very much. The second version of the video I keyframed the steering as well and it worked better. It’s not super realistic of course, but for a ‘cartoony’ approach will do for me. I’ll let you know if I find anything that I think needs improving.

Yes I’m just being lazy with the steering wheel. You’ve still saved me rigging most of the car, so I’m not complaining :smiley:

Thanks!! I’ve been wanting to rig one of my car models, but never have the time to sit down and learn rigging properly. This will sure come in handy…

Question tho. If i rig my car with it, would it be a problem if I sell my model at blendermarket.com with the rig? I’m only going to charge for the car model itself tho… :slight_smile:

It´s GPL, there´s nothng preventing you from selling stuff made with GPL code, and if it requires GPL code to work you need to distribute it with the product.

theApe is 100% right. If you plan to use rigacar to create rig for your models and release them on blendermarket: go for it.
I would appreciate if you mention you used this addon :eyebrowlift:
But you really don’t have to.

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Hi david,

do U still “evolving” this addon or is it a final version for good? Looks nice but I will eventually use some help ;). Mean Hammers anim looks good for a cartoon car but is totally unrealistic (especially turning) when it comes on real cars.

I tried to rig my 130RS but also the problem with wheel-spin appears (Y-axis only) so the anim is not possible when turning (only fake) but the main problem … acceleration and deceleration of the car - any chance?

 Sincerely, Jan

I was wondering, if I were to use this with a more complex car with an interior, would I be able to add extra bones to the rig so I can animate stuff like the steering wheel?

Sorry for the delay, I was completely unavailable these last weeks.

I have good news: rigacar v2 is ready !
I have bad news: I haven’t released it yet because I don’t have time to update the documentation. But many things have changed.
Anyway, you can download it here :

The rig has changed (you should generate a new one). I fixed many things. Especially, the baking of the steering (which was actually a complete failure in version 1). Maybe it could fix your issue.

About wheel-spin problem, maybe it is something related to this :

In this case, it is simply an optical illusion, I don’t think it is related to the addon. If you have another issue, please can you describe it more precisely.