Rigged Drumset + Short Animation

Lovely modelling. Iplayed in bands ( not a drummer but ive seen lots of drums!) Love your cymbals!
Here’s a daft idea- stick the drum kit in blender game engine and rig it so that you can play those drums !

Thank you very much to everyone for your comments!!
@Modron: Actually it’s intended to be a double sided beater, one side plastic and one side felt, i put a handle in the rig to switch between the two. Anyway, it might look better with the felt side forward, so i might switch it for future renders.

@thegameisover22: Thanks, I had overlooked that. After your comment I revisited the skin textures. I think I got them more reallistic now, though i went a bit extrem with the “wornness” and it looks quite incoherent with the brand-new look of the rest of the drums. I shall work on that now.
This is how it’s looking now:

@Bunc: I had considered that possibility already! I have no experience with BGE though, and Im not shure if i would need to low down the polycount or what. It would be fun.

I changed the wood texture and did a short Robot drumming animation:

Sticks should probably move more loosely but hey, it’s a robot that’s playing after of all.

Very cool…I’ve always enjoyed watching your progress on this thread.

Chanfiroly could you send me the drum rig blend file to google drive

Chanfiroly, could you send me a msg and specify what the shader/material setup was for the cymbals please. I’m using anisotrophic with a wave texture into displacement for the lathing and it works ok.

However, the effect only truly works best with HDRI lighting and not so much with spot lights. What type of lighting setup did you use for the rendered photo?

Hi! I also used anisotropic, with a texture and a bump map done in photoshop. The lightning was an equirectangular plus an area light.
I must say though, I was quite bad with lightning at the time, and regarding the cymbals, I was never completely happy with their look either. I remember a fellow drummer told me they looked reallistic but seemed like cheap study cymbals (like made of a cheaper kind of metal) and I felt he was right but moved on to other projects anyway.

Thanks for the reply! Interesting to see what you used. I’m also doing the bump map and logo/decal uv layout in Photoshop (fastest way). I think your cymbals looked very realistic and I’m finding it comes down to lighting that makes a huge difference. I tried the Area + HDRI combination and the result was very different from previous renders. (ie: better)

I think the hardest part of nailing down the metallic look is a combination of proper color selection, lighting and roughness/anisotrophic levels.

Glad you’re getting better results! Yeah, totally. The colour and the tinting of the reflections take a big part in defining what type of metal it will look like. And when there’s metals in the scene I tend to always use hdri lightning, I find it’s just easier that way to make them look realistic.

Can you send me the drum rig files through googledrive