Rigged engine

I’m doing full rigged one-cylinder engine. Here is some progress.


Good Work till now. Nice :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to seeing where this project goes. Great work so far!

I failed to rig a piston. I have the impression the right tools are called “physics” in Blender. I am looking forward to an even better integration of the former Blender Game Engine into Blender.

Thanks for comments.
@ArneCRosenfieldt: I’m using only constraints, drivers and armatures. I have never used BE for rigs.

This is such a simple but beautiful render you’ve got going here. The bump mapping you’ve used really adds that special look to it. Well done.

I somehow refuse to use drivers. This is mechanic. If I think of the “incredible machine” and how it simulated this stuff in the last millennium without the assistant by the user, I cannot seriously do this manually in Blender.

what nodes set up did you use for the material

have you done the physic for it ?

happy cl

I do even ask if it has been done in Cycles:evilgrin:. it is visible. How powerful do you find this rendering engine? Can you imagine returning to the Blender Internal?

Nodes are very simple. I have used vertex paint for different shading of the material.


there was a proc text stipple bumps for this too!

always wanted to do a whole engine anim
may be you can show us how to do that with simple constraints or may be with minimum rig.

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I think I will upload finished model to BlendSwap so you can look on the rig.

I have just done rig. Now I have to do materials.


are you following a given engine?

looking cool

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The final version of the materials.

@RickyBlender: Sorry but I can’t understand you. Could you explain what are you telling about?

The modelling is incredible. Can’t wait to see this in action.

to make your model did you follow a given real engine
or made it up ?

looking great

happy bl

Thanks for comments!
@RickyBlender: No, it’s not real engine. I have found photos in Google and then modelled them. Every part comes from different engine.

Those textures are insanely good… very realistic.