Rigging a Character, Pose Issues

Hey, I’ve been working with blender with a little of over two years. The first year, I taught myself Blender, mainly modeling, and now I’m in a class, but they aren’t really good with answering questions. We were to make a character, and that part I did fine, but using armatures and poses screw me up. I placed my armature to the approximate spots where they are supposed to be, I did the vertex group things for everything. My teacher told me to do this thing for elbows and knees, and some main body one. I don’t know what I did wrong, but after the elbow and knee thing, my character’s arms and legs got either twisted or raised. The Pose position and the rest position seem to be different, even though I haven’t moved any bones yet, I think. Also, not having to do with rigging, but texturing, how do I make the different sections of his body flow more smoothly. I’m also new at texturing. All I used to do was model animals, because that’s all I could do. My teacher wouldn’t let me do an animal because that would be “too hard”. But yea, please tell me what I did wrong.



In pose mode try alt R and alt G to clear pose position in case you moved it some.
Texture takes practice and good mapping .
If you wish to post a blend file you may get better help.

If clearing poses as kazinger suggests doesn’t work, check between Pose and Edit mode for remaining differences in the armature’s position. Some of your bone constraints may have incorrect settings or bones with constraints may be incorrectly parented, which can drag an armature out of alignment.

I tried to upload my blend file, the attachment manager wouldn’t let me upload a blend file, but pictures are ok. I also tried to alt r and alt g, and that didn’t work. How would I fix the bone constraints settings? I made sure they were parented right, so I don’t think it could be that.

Upload it to www.pasteall.org/blend/ and share the link here.

Ok, here it is: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/24840

The problem is in your arm’s IK chain settings. I don’t recommend using a three-bone chain. Adjust the shoulders by FK. The whole arm is trying to correct for the pole target when you make it a three-bone chain, rather than just the elbow. Switching the chain length to 2 almost corrects it. The tiny remaining maladjustment is also due to the pole target, which is just a little bit too low, so the elbow has to dip and rotate slightly to point at it.

Thanks, I think that helps

So while I have this post still open, I have another small issue, Whenever I am in pose mode, I have the ability to move the hand, it bends at the elbow, yadda yadda yadda. Apparently, the hand is supposed to rotate, and the fingers can rotate with them…I don’t have that happen…What did I do? Thanks :slight_smile:


Never mind, I got it. Thanks