Rigging a creature in blender

Here you can see a substance painter export of the creature I’d like rigged for animation in blender.

Ideally, we’d have a simple rig where we could control the arms (similar to that of an octupus) with some finer controls at the end of the hands.

As well as a control for the eyeball itself. I’d like it if when the eye moved it subtly affected the eye-lid above it. The eye needs to blink as well.

Then of course a way to move the entire creature as well. This creature is floating in water, for this short film.

PLEASE PM ME if you are interested with a timeline and cost.


Sent you a portfolio via PM.

Thank you everyone who responded! I’m working with an artist currently, but the project may open up to where we’ll need another animator. For now, I’ll close this thread. Thanks!