rigging a deforming ball?

how can i rig a ball so it deforms like this one , but automatically acording to a floor object?


Here is a squash and stretch ball rig that has been floating around for a while.


CHARCTER_squash_stretch_ball_rig.blend (374 KB)

don’t want it to squash against a pivot , but a surface … and get deformed automatically … how?
thank you .

Well, SoftBody can probably handle that, depending on how you set it up. I haven’t done many tests with mixing SoftBody and Armatures, so I’m not sure if it would work well. But I do know that SoftBody and Shape Keys work reasonably well together. It’s such a simple character, bones might be superfluous.

Also, make certain that any plane you use has Collision enabled. Also, both the character and plane must be on the same layer.

something like this?


test.blend (310 KB)

@mikh3x4: Nice start, how hard is it to make it roll automatically when it moves along the X/Y axis?

i suppose you could d it with a transform constraint or some drivers

with that way it’s hard to get the ball to deform correctly: it shouldn’t bulge @ the middle, it should flatten & bulge @ the bottom. I ended up making it a soft body to get it to work how it should work.

Depending on the situation, the game engine physics simulation would be probably what you want. But if you have stuff move around in your scene I can’t help set that up in to happen in the GE.

Has anyone had any luck to get game engine physics to make a really bouncy ball instead of a dud?

everything is “really bouncy” given enough force. You need to apply enough force to make it bounce. IE drop it from a high height.

No, that is not a bouncy ball, that is still just a dud dropped from a higher place. Why can’t we make a ball and have it bounce around a box without stopping? No friction and perfect elasticity. That’s where physics should start from, then you add friction. Just my 2 cents.

So you’d want the default to not simulate real physics? That’s not what most people want: they want “real” physics, then they don’t need to keep changing the defaults.

But you can setup the physics to do what you want. I’m not 100% sure how though.

I’d appreciate it if you let me know when you figure this out. It is real physics for small things like smoke particles and molecules in a gas or fluid.

First off, I’d just like to have a ball with a realistic bounce! Right now Blender Physics can’t even simulate a tennis ball!

You can get bouncing balls by adjusting the material dynamics. How realistic do you want it to get?
bouncing_ball.blend (57.4 KB)