Rigging a long and wide tongue

Hi to all,
I am pretty new to blender and rigging and tried to get along with the tutorials I found so far.
I modled a long tongue that I like to animate not only with a bone chain as a kind of spine column but also having kind of rips so the sides of the tongue can be be rolled up or down like forming a U.

In my try I am using bendy bones but when I deform them using rotation they don’t bend so much, as I would like to have them bend. How can I accomplish that?
The other problem I have is that the bones of the spine are crazzy twisted in origin position. How can I set them untwisted?

I am not sure whether my aproach with the rip-bones is a good one, if you know a better one let me know.

Thanks in advance for any hint

Please post the .blend file.

This should be an easy matter to rig, but no one can see what you have so far.


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Maybe this method would work if you animated the movement of the spiral curve, moving it to the tongue.

I agree with Randy, post the blend file please!

I would suggest maybe a bone chain/bendy bone and a shapekey to get the cross section roll, but lets see the file.

Hi Randy, how are you, long time no speak my friend.

Cheers, Clock. :beers: