Rigging a two handed sword?

Currently I have a sword parented to my hand. Now… I wanna change my pose but when I do I would also like “both” hands/arms to follow apposed to having to fix the other hand every frame. Any suggestions? If this were a one handed sword this would be simple… but it’s a sword that requires both hands to move together.

Maybe with the copy location constraint you can link the hand bone of the other hand to the sword (assuming you are using IK)

Uhm… I am using a make human model and rig, is that IK? what is IK? lol… help me out here :slight_smile:

Umm, never played with makehuman rig.
How do you animate:

  1. grab the hand and move it, and the lower arm and upper arm will move along (Inverse Kinematics)
  2. grab the arm and rotate it, then grab the lower arm and rotate it, etc. (Forward Kinematics)

In case 1, my trick might work. In the second, it won’t.

If I move the shoulder bone two other arm bones move with it. Or if I move the bicep bone the forarm bone moves aswell.

ok, the makehuman rig has IK, Its not enabled by default but you can activate it by using the N key menu once you have the curved IK markers visible, you will need to connect your sword object,

personally I would parent the sword to the left hand bone, then constrain the IK handle of the right hand to the handle of the sword with a “child of” constraint, or something similar, maybe copy rotation and copy location constraints acting on an empty, which is parented to the sword.

the idea is, you would only have to animate the position and rotation of the left hand, the right hand would follow automatically.