Rigging Addon: Change Bone's Rotation Mode.

Hi all,

Really simple addon here. Currently if you want to change the rotation mode for an armature bone, say from quaternion to one of the euler options, you have to do it on a per bone basis in the transform panel or the bone properties panel. This addon automates the task of changing all the bone’s rotation modes at once, instead of changing each bone one at a time. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve needed a tool like this, so I wrote one.

I was posing a character with it’s hands on it’s hips, next pose was to have it cross it’s arms in front of the character. 2 simple poses, but because the bones were set to XYZ Euler rotations, I encountered gimbal lock and one arm flipped around thru the body on the tween frames. All control bones on the rig that can rotate were set to euler rotation, I wanted to change them all to quaternions to avoid this problem and I didn’t want to do it one bone at a time for 2 characters. This addon did that with a few mouse clicks.

Install like you would any other addon. The attached file contains a file called ‘bone_rot_mode.py’ that needs to be copied to your addons folder. Or install thru blender, but I can’t comment on that, never tried it…

The addon can be found in user prefs -> addons -> rigging as Bone Rotation Mode. Once enabled and an armature is selected, enter pose mode for the armature and you’ll find this tool in the tool shelf:

under “Change Bone’s Rotation Mode”. If the ‘Selected Bones’ check box is active, it works on only the currently selected bones. Otherwise it will change all bones in the armature to the selected rotation mode. A roll-out box has the options for what rotation mode you want to set the bones to, it’s the same as what you see in the transforms panel under the rotation values. The ‘Change Rotation Mode’ button applies the selected rotation mode to the bones.

Anyhow, this tool did the job for me… Please test it if your into rigging. Feedback or suggestions welcomed.



bone_rot_mode.zip (1.93 KB)

Thanks! Saved me a heap of time.


thank you!!
This should be a part of blender imo.

Actually, you could simply select all your bones and RMB on the rotation order mode => copy to selected (but you have to select all your bones :slight_smile: ).

Thanks simple but effective!