Rigging animations

This doesn’t make anysense. I keyframed 180 degrees along the y axis at frame 30 and then at frame 60 I keyframed 360 degrees along the y axis. In theory I am trying to make a turning animation but instead I end up with this animation where it rotates anti-clockwise before reaching frame 30 and then it roates clockwise after frame 30. Any ideas how to fix this?

Try using euler rotation mode (either one depending on your needs, look up gimbal lock) instead of quaternion. Quaternions use slerp (spherical linear interpolation) which will choose the shortest direction in which to rotate if the next keyframe is exactly antipodal to the previous (180 to 360). If you choose to keep quaternion mode, you should give it more information, ie keyframe it at 120, then 240, and finally 360 (to keep it regular, but in truth any values will work as long as they are not further apart than 180deg).