rigging blender 2.46

I followed the rigging tutorial rig_tut.ogg on the big buck bunny DVD
but when I want to make some poses the arm bones are not bending with it.
Am I missing something ?



where did you get that dvd? i want to have the new blu-ray of the film… but i haven’t seen it o.O
it must be a nice tutorial :frowning:

Just bought it: http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/

thanks … hm… but it’s sad the blu-ray version hasn’t got that tutorial on it … maybe there will be a special edition soon

good look with your rigging i hope someone will slove the problem because i want to know the answers too :smiley:

The tutorial can also be found here :


I do not know if I may post this here, I think its better to buy the dvd to support the makers of the movie and learn a lot from them.

By the way I found the answer myself . In edit mode select the shoulder bone and under the tab armature bones choose child of and then select the neck bone. Thats all.

thanks ^^ then now i can buy the normal blu ray version ;D

Your DEF_shoulder.R and DEF_shoulder.L bones must been child of DEF_middle bone
Just in Edit mode at the Armature Bones panel select in popup menu after “child of” :DEF_middle
for DEF_shoulder.R and DEF_shoulder.L
Good luck!

Thanks but I already found the answer.