Rigging - constraint influence problem

Here’s my problem:
I have two bones connected to each other (bone1, bone2).
bone2 has an IK Solver pointing to bone3 (bone3 isn’t connected), and bone1 has an rotation limit from -10° to 10° on all axes.
I want to move bone3 and have bone2&bone1 following it untill bone1 would be over its limit -> bone1 stops and bone 2 points to bone3 just like always.

But the IK solver just seems to ignore the rotation limit of bone1 >(

What can I do to make this work? Thank you

In Blender 2.49 in pose mode selecting a bone and looking to the ‘armature bones’ there will be fields to limit rotations of bones that are part of an IK constraint. It’s pretty much the same in 2.5a2 as well. There are fields to fill out or check/uncheck for limiting rotations or locking rotations. From what I have seen, IK constraints override everything else and this is the only way to limit/control them.


Yeah, it works. Thanks very much.
But now I can’t key the limit of the chain … is there a way to work around that?

I’m not sure what you mean, can you explain more, post screenshots, post .blend??