Rigging difficulties

I’m having difficulties with Blender. I am trying to use MakeHuman models but when I try to go to pose mode in blender the skeleton isn’t there. I selected the default skeleton in MakeHuman and exported it to blender as an obj file so when I go to load it and try to do poses there isn’t a skeleton to work with. Can anyone explain why or how to fix it?

Just so it helps me to understand better I want yall to know that I’m new so I may not be familiar with some terms or whatever, so I ask anyone who does have an answer to please speak in simple terms.


Download the latest MakeHuman app, unzip and install. Open Blender > File > User Preferences > Install Add-on from file. Navigate to the blender-plugins Folder that come with MakeHuman and select the zip file for your Blender version. I’m using 2.79 so; mhx2-20181030-for-blender-279.
Make your model in MakeHuman and Export the file as a MakeHuman Exchange (mhx2) file. ie; model.mhx2
Open Blender and navigate to the MHX2 Runtime tab. Click Import MHX2. Navigate to your model.mhx2 and import.
You can export your model as an .obj from Blender with armature.

I don’t know where I would find the MHX2 thing in order to make it a user preference though.

Edit: Turns out I didn’t fully read your post. I will let you know what happens. Thanks.

I did exactly what you said but nothing is happening. I can’t import anything that’s MHX2 as it’s not an option to.

I figured it out. But there is another problem. The skeleton is larger than the actual skin is. -_-

Images show the MXH2 TAB and Add-on.

Thanks it’s loaded. Sorry if I’m being difficult, I just keep running in to problems I don’t know anything about. The newest problem is the characters face is turned inside out. How that happened I don’t know. The previous version I had installed seemed more efficient.

Update: I have solved this issue as well.