Rigging Fails To Generate...Any Ideas?

Rigging Fails To Generate…Any Ideas?

I have struggled for several evenings over an issue with “Rigging A High Poly Model” While I have successfully rigged a few models that generated appropriately I have encountered one that reports the below error and I have isolated the failure to something with manipulating the bones or such! In troubleshooting, I loaded the model and loaded a rig, armature and simply scaled it to meet the model and applied the scale! This generated fine, however, after restarting blender and again loading the model and loading a rig, apply the scale and manipulating the bones it would not generate! Oddly, a bone appears between the models feet on the grid? after the generation attempt! …Any ideas?

RIGIFY ERROR: Bone ‘thigh.L’: incorrect bone configuration for rig type – leg bones != 2
Incorrect armature for type ‘deform’

The model blend file