Rigging glitch [I realy need help]

Hello, Lil noob here :o

I modeled and textured and wolf-like monster for an video I’m making with my lil sister. But the rig is acting realy strange. I’m used to rig and I have never seen something like this.

Every bone control almost every vertex in the body (even if it has no weight map and another bone has) The mesh is then impossible to animate. What could be the problem? PLS take a look at my model .blend

Here is a screenshot and the model… Thanks


Monster_rigging.blend (956 KB)

Nice model there. :slight_smile:

I took a brief look at the blend file. The vertexes that are moving when they are not suppose to move are in additional vertex groups. I took a look at the vertex group Bone.R.001 which corresponds to the bone of one of the hind legs if my memory serves correctly, and it had some vertexes of the front leg and tail in it.

To fix this, go into your mesh in edit mode, select a vertex group and click the Select button. Deselect the vertexes that are supposed to move and then click the Remove button.

I hope this fixes your problem.

PS: I would also recommend renaming the bones to things like HindLeg.R which will make identifying them when you animate easier.

:eek: THANKS !!!