Rigging glitch with camshaft

I was trying to animate engine in blender and i solved lots of issues from here i parented cranck with gear set to drive camshaft by drivers and now I’m having issues rigging’s not working perfectly cam shaft skipping half rotation everytime i made rotations ratio 1:2 but cam skipps half rotation and rotate as same as crack
Sorry for recording from mobile i was not able to access internet in my computer so here it is link for video please let me know solution

Hey, access denied
The way to get the cam to rotate at 1/2 crank speed is to use copy rotation with influence set to .5 if its chain drive, if its gear drive, tick the ‘invert’ box

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I used another way i used drivers to rotate gears but yes i will try your idea,
Sorry, here’s link again and btw you have my whole engine model link i shared with you before
Thank you you are really helping me out.


ooops yes, i will have a look