Rigging hands (and thumb)

I’m rigging a hand by applying rotation constraints to a custom rig. These rotation constraints are coming from an imported motion capture animation (see below)


The fingers on my custom rig (below) seem to be ok but the thumb is causing problems. It seems to create a dent and generally looks unnatural. Any advice as to how to fix this problem, and in general any tips about rigging hands, would be much appreciated.

It’s hard to know for sure without more information, but my first guess is a weight issue. It looks like there isn’t much blending going on between the thumb weights and the hand weights.

Change the bones to pose mode and then select the mesh and go into weight paint mode and select “RightHandThumb1”. If it transitions from red to blue really sharply about where that dent is, then you’ll know for certain, and you can just use the blur brush to soften that up.

yeah just as @Murgy said
the thumb should only control the bottom side of the hand, not the top,
and even so the parts where there is more than one bone ,should be green ,its more like a country border and its shared by the tow ,with equal

Thank you for your replies.

It does seem there is something wrong with the weight painting (image below)

Do you have any examples of best practice for weight painting a hand? Also, is there a way to see the weight painting on all the bones at once? (as opposed to individually selecting each bone)

Thank you