Rigging high heels

I have a character that will be wearing regular, flat shoes as well as high heels. I’m wondering the best way to rig the high heels? My thinking is that I would need to pose the feet in the high heel position, then model the shoe, and rig it. But I don’t know how to weight a mesh to bones that are posed.

A high heel doesn’t really deform (much). You can parent the shoe object to the bone using bone relative parenting instead of using armature parenting. This works fine on a posed or unposed armature.

If your goal is to combine with your existing model into a single mesh or something, you can parent the high heel in the posed position, reset the pose or set to rest, unparent the shoe keep transforms, apply rotation + scale, parent to armature with empty groups, and assign to the vertex group representing the bone you want it parented to.

(You can also write the posed armature to the original character and to the rest position of the armature, but that’s something to be avoided, it’s a bit a like making a copy-of-a-copy where your models will lose a little bit each time you do it.)

The first answer will definitely work 99% of the time, thank you!