rigging in 2.46

I was doing gingerbread man tutorial and was rigging him, but when I add a new bone first of all it stays in object mode as with every object I add. can you change this default setting? Anyway, I manualy went to edit mode and dragged with LMB. Then it just enlarged the bone. so I moved the end with grab and then the tutorial says to click LMB and a new bone will appear but it just alters the same bone.


Yes, you can change that in the default settings:

  • Go into User preferences window, or just drag down the upper bar,
  • Scroll to Edit Methods,
  • There just in the lower left of the window is a title:
  • Add new Objects:
  • And under there are 2 buttons:
  • Click the one that says: Switch to Edit Mode.

And for the bone. I believe it was meant Ctrl + LMB.

Hope it helps!

Fort Ash

It worked.:smiley: