Rigging in Blender to match UE4 character rig - possible?

Okay, I was under the wrong impression then, thanks.

I really like the fact that there was an official fix for the additional root bone issue, that way you can get root motion by animating the root bone in pose mode like you would expact. However right now it’s limited to an actual rig name of “armature” or “Armature” which is a bit awkward when you’ve got several characters since the rigs can’t have the same name in Blender.

I wrote a bug report for it here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/599594/blender-specific-skeleton-extra-root-bone-fix-only.html but even now you can get around it if you’ve got some script that on export time temporarily renames the rig to “armature” before export and back to the original name after it was exported.

Check it out guys! I’ll be explaining some of this stuff live soon. Let Alexander know what you want us to cover in the stream.

Hooray, looks like it will be a very useful live stream:

Hello everyone!

I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this problem, but after importing skeleton made in Blender to UE4 bones hierarchy looks differently. I mean, it is the same, but its visual representation is different. Let’s say I created “shoulders” attached to the upper part of the “spine”. In UE4 the same shoulders are attached to the lower part of the spine instead. I’m not sure if the problem described in this topic is the same or only similar, but any help will be very appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of this happening before. Can you provide a Blend file for us to look at?

Pretty sure he’s talking about this:

Also the wrong bone seems to get highlighted (hard to see orange outline) in Persona.

That’s exactly the case Cyaoeu, thank you for the images (and sorry for bothering you both here and on the UE4 forum). Is it normal or a bug? I already posted this issue at UE4 AnswerHub, where I attached images comparing Blender and Maya skeletons in both programs and after importing to the editor:


I noticed strange thing happening with ue4 tools, the left shoulder was not at proper place, but with the retargeting options set to skeleton for those bones, it was alright. I thought maybe something is wrong with the blender skeleton, but then it seems it is an export/import problem…strange

Skeletons in UE4 have always looked like that for me. To me it doesn’t make sense but maybe it’s a Maya thing.

Do you have more information? I haven’t noticed this.

I just tested your 3 bone setup and it works fine. You are doing something wrong in either exporting or creating your rig.

Hi! I’ve found the same problem, can I find somewhere the correct procedure to export armatures from Blender to unreal?

I think that this topic would be ripe for a “Tutorials, Tips and Tricks” segment that is dated, and kept up-to-date with the latest status quo in both products. “Let’s get to the bottom of this.”

I’m not qualified to write it, but I’d love to read it.

Set scene units to mm, scale to 0.01, create your character and rig (make sure your rig closely resembles UE4 Mannequin rig, same A/T pose too), export to UE4, re-target existing anims to your skeleton or your anims to Mannequin’s skeleton, bam! (or use your own rig + anims and then you don’t have to retarget anything)

Not exactly on topic but good to know:

taking the unreal mannequin out of unreal, into blender, and re importing to unreal retaining correct rotation and orientation, so you can tweak unreal animations, only 2 bones are out of place but retain correct axis and relationships then revert to correct position when back in unreal,

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For rig any type of character for unreal engine, check this.


Send FBX with character and you got video of the work with you character in unreal engine and you look and choose.
Again: https://www.fiverr.com/vinstriano/rigging-for-epic-skeleton-ue4

hi is it possible to rig from 0 inside ue4
start from a mesh without no bones and create the deformation bones inside ue4 using control rig ?

Hi all, I have spent a couple sleepless days really addressing this problem in a non hafhassed way.
The goal:
Import an FXB mannequinn file, rig it, create an animation, export the animation and import to unreal without any need for re-targeting.
The file I’ll be providing Has the following:

  1. An import of an FBX mannequin with the foobar bones as usual or standard. The skeleton on this rig has a “special” set up and it’s hidden on layer 10 - You must go onto this layer and click the armature in order to export a Clean FBX.
  2. Your default rigify rig stuff.
  3. A hidden metarig (currently fixing some typos in bone nomenclature) that creates all the appropriate “magic”, This is provided in case Rigify gets an update. It’s somewhat important to have better parts when they come out, like for the super fingers.
  4. The rig.
    it’s a standard-not-so-standard rig created by rigify with quite a lot of changes made to the hierarchy/parenting of bones which is done automatically by item 5 in case you update the rig.
  5. BoneBreaker - a python script I spent a good 3 days adjusting and fine tailoring to actually do what I wanted to do (considering I didn’t even really know how to use Blender until 2 weeks ago, I’d say this is acceptable).
    What the script does:
    1: Adjust the rig by moving/changing layer order of the unreal bones, which can be seen in layer 24 of the rig
    2: Adjust my super fingers. For whatever reason the Original Mesh is not “moved” by rigify rig when using super fingers. This currently also adjusts the hand parenting and some nomenclature I mentioned above and is being patched before release.
    3: Remove all of the constraints on the bones of the FBX import (called root) and add new ones to get it move and copy the location of the actual rig (similar to the blender file provided above actually, which was truly magical even if it did not have a decent rig to go along with it).
    4: Move the layer order for the armature so that you can click the layer, find it, and export your FBX with little to no fuss.
    5: Hide the meta-rig and change its layer - for when you paste the rig in a new file, for instance.
    6: move the mesh to another layer and make it not select-able so you can’t click it when trying to animate things.
    7: selects the rig and goes to pose mode, so you are ready to tackle the animation task.

The script has a few “utility” functions I have been using to work, nothing really cool other than the ability to do whatever I need in 10 minutes off a list rather than 2 hours manually (if you are fast at it!)

Here’s the link to a debugged download ripe for public consumption.

Hope this helps guys, I’ll be spending the next week or so popping out animations :wink:


I’ve seen methods on using the ue4 maniquine to rig and transfer a character, but if you can’t edit the size of your bones how will you rig a character with limbs that have different proportions then the original maniquine? In my case I have a weasle character which would require a longer ankle bone before the foot… After a few weeks of failed attempts I’m at a loss as to where to start or if it’s possible.

I solved all my characters exporting/importing headache with autorig pro and believe me keep your sanity with this must have addon.