Rigging Issues

Hey all!

I’m just getting started with blender and I think I’m making good headway, but I’ve run into an issue with rigging.

With my character fully rigged, I go into pose mode to move him about etc, but when I move the arm, as en example, part of the torso comes with it. Or when I move the femur bone the back of my mesh is skewed.

I know I’m a beginner so it could just be my terrible rigging job, but do you think I’m doing something wrong?


arm move: https://picasaweb.google.com/116446870474665554318/BlenderScreenshots#5758736070594193746

leg move:

neck move:

I’ve attached the .blend file
gamehuman.blend (547 KB)gamehuman.blend (547 KB)

Thank you for any suggestions and advice you can give me! :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a bother with the double posts and such, but I’m still having issues with my rigging :frowning:

you need to go into weight paint mode and fix the weights for the various bones. the reason the hind part of the mesh is moving with the leg bones is that you have some of those verts weighted to the leg bones, and the same is true of the chest area/upper arm bones, etc. so you just have to fix some of those issues in weight paint mode until you get it looking right. fyi, you can move bones around in weight paint mode, so that you can see the changes your paint strokes are making.

also, before you do that, go into edit mode, select all the verts, and hit W>Remove Doubles. there are 406 duplicate verts at the moment :wink:

Thanks for answering Joel! I thought my poor human would be forever skewed :no:

I’ve removed all of the doubles in edit mode, how exactly do you think that happened? As you’ve probably already guesses I am very new to Blender, so all of those doubles were totally accidental :eek: I really have no idea what happened there.

Anyway, back to rigging :eyebrowlift:

I went into weight paint mode and played around a bit. To be honest I’m not really sure what putting more weight on an area will do, but to say the least I came out with a very colorful and quite messed up mesh.

I’m sure I can find a tutorial on that whole process, so thank you for leading me in the right direction, Joel! If I’m still stumped on the issue, I’ll be back.

You select a bone and paint the weight, or the effect that bone has on the mesh. Red means it moves it 100%. The other colors show the blending down to a 0% weight which is blue. Every vertex must have at least one bone with weight on it or it will stay still. Also you can have say 25% on bone1 and 25% on bone2 and 50% on bone123 if that’s what you require.

Thank you for the explanation thedaemon! It was very helpful. I think slowly but surely I’ll begin to get the hand of weight paint mode. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete some basic animations soon.

Another quick question. It doesn’t really apply to weight paint mode, thought it could be of some help in that area.

You can join multiple meshes together using the “ctrl+J” command, but is there any way to separate one mesh into multiple parts?

I feel as if that would be very helpful in certain instances. Like in weight paint mode for instance… I could take a leg off my mesh so that when I’m highlighting the upper leg it wouldn’t get any of the lower back.

to separate a mesh, you can do one of a few things - select parts in edit mode, hit P, then separate by selected parts, or you can simply separate by loose parts, or by material assignments.

Thanks Joel, that helps a ton :slight_smile:

no problem!