Rigging Mixamo Xbot

I’m surprised no one has done this yet. Anyways, I’m trying to use a simple humanoid model for storyboarding. Didn’t find any good ones until I landed on Mixamo, both default characters look great. Problem? They don’t have a rig for me to animate them how I want.
Hence, I tried making my own, but this is Blender, not Maya, so I couldn’t make a simple, quick rig. I had to use Rigify, came across a few silly problems and eventually got a good enough result. I hate good enough when good is just around the next hurdle.
However, this time, before I spend 4 hours just rigging, I want response and guidance from people, so I’ll share the Blend file:

Just import a basic Daz character. It will import with a rig that works in Blender and you can also convert to Rigify with no issues.

Here is a link to the add-on which is by far the best way to work with Daz characters in Blender.

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Funny, never heard of this before. I’ll see if it’s better than what I’ve been doing

And if you find the Diffemorphic add-on a little confusing, there is a generic Daz to Blender add-on that will install in Blender from Daz Studio; it’s created by Daz Studio, and not as versatile as Diffemorphic, but it’s simpler to use.

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OK I’ve used Daz. Daz to Blender. Great models, thank you. Just asking, have you used these models to pose in blender? I’m having some difficulties with that bit.

Yes. The Daz models are what I use almost exclusively for posing/animating in Blender.

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You look like you know your stuff when animating those Daz characters in Blender. Can I send you a video of a storyboard I’m working on in Blender and show you where I need help in?

Yeah, no problem. Not sure how much I can help… :grin:

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Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile:
Mostly I would suggest filming yourself with your phone and blocking out some of the key movements. If you’re satisfied with look of the shot or shots, film yourself acting out the entire shot.

Use the reference video to start keying your animation.
The Daz characters paired with the Rigify rig (Diffimorphic) are more than capable of handling the movements I think you’re looking for.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you. Yes, I’ve seen that the diffeomorphic way to Rigify works WAY better than Daz to Blender bridge (it had weird frustrating problems).
You’ve been a big help to me. :grin:

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Not sure if this is the best place but I’m having such a hard time getting my long neck woman animated. I got the basic human rig from Mixamo but when I subdivide the neck bones only the top part of her neck moves. I’ve tried weight painting I don’t know what to do please help!
Rokurokubi_base.blend (2.8 MB)