Rigging Mixamo Xbot

I’m surprised no one has done this yet. Anyways, I’m trying to use a simple humanoid model for storyboarding. Didn’t find any good ones until I landed on Mixamo, both default characters look great. Problem? They don’t have a rig for me to animate them how I want.
Hence, I tried making my own, but this is Blender, not Maya, so I couldn’t make a simple, quick rig. I had to use Rigify, came across a few silly problems and eventually got a good enough result. I hate good enough when good is just around the next hurdle.
However, this time, before I spend 4 hours just rigging, I want response and guidance from people, so I’ll share the Blend file:

Just import a basic Daz character. It will import with a rig that works in Blender and you can also convert to Rigify with no issues.

Here is a link to the add-on which is by far the best way to work with Daz characters in Blender.

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Funny, never heard of this before. I’ll see if it’s better than what I’ve been doing

And if you find the Diffemorphic add-on a little confusing, there is a generic Daz to Blender add-on that will install in Blender from Daz Studio; it’s created by Daz Studio, and not as versatile as Diffemorphic, but it’s simpler to use.

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