rigging model advance may be

where can i find some doc on the different symbols like what we see on this character einstein

and yes i would prefer if possible some PDF tut or HTML oages than video

i mean how and where do you get different color for the bones
also there are those strange objects around which may be part of the rigging

but i 'v never seen any thing like this in wiki page for rigging
but may be this is something relatively new an unodcumented


The strange objects are bones drawn as objects. You can specify that when you select the bone in Pose mode, go to editing buttons and in the bone’s buttons there is a OB field, that’s it.
The colors have something to do with bone groupps, I recall reading it in the release notes on 2.46 i think. But I’ve never managed to get it to work…

i never use this feature before but it looks interesting

i check the edit panel but cannot locate this object option

don’t know can you look at the pic inlcuded may be you can point out where it is!

i already search the wiki but could not find anything on this!

now have you seen some small tut on how to use this
cause when i look at this Einstein character it looks nice and would like to know how to do this type of rigging layout

and if anybody can pin point how to change the color of bones that would be nice to know how to


It’s there, Armature Bones tab (Pose mode), first line on the right (Just OB text field)

ok i’m totaly lost with that one

you mean this field on the left top of panel
see pic

itry a test and dont work

can you make a very simple armature with a cube let say as object
and load up the file

i will see where it is show hopefull



ok thanks i was able to change one of the bones as a cube

but this is shown only in pose mode not in edtit mode!

that’s a neat trick can be usefull for futur project

now how about the bones color how to ?

talking about rig
anybody has any idea on how to make bird wing rig like in this thread
Birds wing rig


there are 3 persons wanting to make it work but unable to redo the little tut in this thread
it would be nice i any body could show how to make it work

Happy blendering