Rigging nodes

That should be in the set bone property in pose mode

Ah got it! Thank you … I have another question sorry to be a pest. Is there away to apply pose as rest pose? My thinking is to apply pose as rest pose to a chain of bones on a spline ik , then REAPPLY THE Ik constraint so that the bones settle on the curve.

I’ve use a setup like this before, but I’ll probably make a node specially for this.

It’s probably not very user friendly the fact that you have to change back to edit mode after applying the constraint for the matrix of the bone to be updated, but there is no easy solution to that.

And like this, if you want to do that with multiple bones

deleted my post after immediately realising Id done something stoopid!

Ok, I’ve added the “Apply as rest pose” node to the develop branch.


damn your good!

IS there any note / text node I can use to better notate my nodes?

You can use the frame nodes like this, although I personally never use this, I find it too much of a hassle having to create a separate text.


I’m so glad to know about the variables now and how to use them… they really are helping keep my node graphs cleaner!

Also, I’ve started creating a “key” for the colors of the frames - it helps me keep track of what’s a new bone, what’s a constraint, etc.

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Ideally, some day the color of the nodes will be exposed to python, and the graphs will be much easier to read. But for now, those colored frames work really well :slight_smile:

HEy @AquaticNightmare How are you doing? I was wondering Is there a way to get rigging nodes to automatically update all driver dependancies? I have a complex node system with a few crude drivers , BUT after executing I need to manually update drivers dependancies. It may just be me doing things the wrong way around, But I though it may be useful…

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I’ll do some changes in a few hours to see if I can solve that.
@hollowpixelstudio could you send me a file with this issue so I can test it? you can dm me

Hi @jschleifer and @AquaticNightmare.
I have been able to create an FK IK arm setup with elbow pinning and soft IK using this awesome rigging node. It is making my life easy. Now I would like to add tone bones to finish this setup.
To achieve this,

I have created a group where I can create Bbone as well as start and end handles. Now I am trying to use this script to subdivide a single bone and add bBone set for each division. I would like to know how can get list of bones in this script for stringArray output and also how do I assign multiple outputs.


Can you provide an example of the group? That might be easier to play with to get what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

This what I have for Bbone setup. It is working nicely but now I would like to use your script to generate the subdivision on bone and create bbone on each section.

If you want a bone to follow the bendy bone, you have to create a new bone and add a copy transform constraint to it, make sure to check follow bendy bone, and use the head/tail float to control its position.
You’d put this in a loop for each subdivision you want.
I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking about.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I will try it but I was asking something else.
I would like to replicate one Bbone ( bone segments, end handle, start handle) operation on the subdivison of the bone or it can do same operation on bone hierarchy or multiple bone arrays. I aim to apply it for the spine, eyebrows and toon bones.

To get arrays of bones you can use these nodes:
You can use “Get Bone Chain” by giving it a start and an end bone to get all bones in between (they have to be parented).
You can also get all children, grandchildren etc of a bone by using using “Get Bones” node and setting it to all children.
The “Subdivide Bone” node also gives an array of bones.

Hey @AquaticNightmare Hope your good, ive More annoying questions! Hope thats ok. :slight_smile: Just wondering is there an Easy way tomake a new group from an existing group? So say I had a group to make an Ik leg and I wanted to make a variation of that group to make an IK arm, but want to preserve the original how would I do it? currently Im creating a copy of the file renaming the group and appending it in, But I was wondering if im missing something obvious…

Thank. I will try it today and see what I can do. :slight_smile: