Rigging problem, pose(ugly deformations) (blend file attached)

Hello blender artists,

First of all sorry if my english sucks sometimes but I’m still learning :slight_smile: So this is my first character that I try to rig. I watched many tutorials including character animation tutorials made by David Allen Ward on youtube which I love. But I can’t find there any solution to my problem. The problem appears when I rotate hand palm and then an ugly unrealistic deformation shows up ( screenshots attached). I tried to recalculate rolls, clear pose position but with no success. I don’t know what to do and I’m so horny to get this thing done :smiley: Please help me blenderartists community :slight_smile: I’m stuck with this problem for over a week. I posted once in the past a thread here asking for help but no one responded. I hope this time this will get to you. Thanks!




Forearm is one of the places where rotation takes place through out the length of it. So the weigh paint needs to blend throughout the length. So, the forearm bone need to have 100% weigh at elbow with gradual fade down to zero by the wrist. And, hand bone needs to have 100% weigh at wrist and gradual fade down to zero up to elbow. What you have forearm weigh split at the middle:


It is common to use Segmented bone (Curved Bone) for forearm. Twisting can be done easily with it.

Thank you ridix ! MUCH LOVE