Rigging Problem !

Hello everybody!
I’m a noob in 3d but i succeded to complete my first 3d model, but i’m stuck at rigging!
Are few days now, and more than 40 hours since i try to rigg my model with no succes.

Stuck @ the part when you select the skeleton and the mesh model holding shift key, then hold down ctrl +p to armature menu to show up. Well the menu never showd up . i’ve wached few tutorials trying to figure out what i’m doing wrong…over and over again.
I’m loosing my minds here!
Any help will be much apreciated!

Ps;/ I attach a screen-capture when i hold down ctrl + P

heck I can only guess… you are in edit mode…

Thanks for pointing that :slight_smile:
I’ve change it to object mode and a menu appear:
-set parent to:
-with empty groups
- with envelope weights
- with automatic weights
That appear only when i change from edit mode to object mode.
I think have to appear only armature. Is a step forward but i’m still far i guess

with automatic weights is usually what you want