Rigging question

I found out after I mirror my bones that my mesh is not perfectly symmetrical (I dont use a mirror modifier). Its like 2 pixels to off on the x-axis. Is it okay to just move the whole mesh so its almost perfect in the middle by eyeballing it? Another solution is delete one half and then use a mirror modifier but Its time-consuming in my case.

Best guess: Try it. See what happens. Worst case is it won’t work.

Just FYI, it would be impossible to predict which of your solutions will work best, especially without seeing the mesh.

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Perhaps there is a little orientation regarding your origin. But any way if you have to split again your mesh. Armature modifier is able to keep the mirroring. And if you are redoing the mirror. Use and empty as mirror plane. Perhaps it ll helps.

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Yes I did use a mirror mod but only for the hands and shoes. I’ll try and go ahead with this rigging.
Here is a screenshot of the upper part:

Doesn’t look like it’s that far off. I’d give it a try as-is, but that’s me. It’s up to you.