Rigging question

Hi, I’m following a tutorial to make an FK/IK switch and am at the stage where I’m creating the IK section.

The Tutorial only focuses on legs and says to recalulate the bone roll the positive x axis so it doesnt twist the bone which worked when I followed the tutorial for the leg.

I’m trying to apply the information to the arm now though and when I come to recalculating the arm bones, using positive x doesnt fix the twist for the arms whereas negative z does fix the twist.

My question is, is having the arms and leg bones rolled at the separate axis going to mess the model up when its done or should I make sure theyre rolled along the same axis and just readjust the bones.

No, it’s not going to mess the model up. It doesn’t matter which axis is X and which axis is Z. For some bones, you want one of these axes pointing a particular way-- like you want the elbow to be bending in a single local axis. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s X or Z.

Thanks, appreciate the help!