Rigging: "Rivet constraint"?

I have been trying to find a way to constrain bones/objects to a skinned mesh/surface in blender, never succeeded. See the video for what i mean. The problem is always with the rotation not working correctly when using a copy rotation constraint with a vertex group.

This is what i want:

Any ideas?

Try using a Track To constraint with a VG.

Have you tried vertex parenting? It works for a single bone armature as the video you linked to, but from what I played with, each bone you want would appear to have to be a separate armature object. I don’t know what your expected/intended end result would be so I don’t know if this would work for you. Sample 2.49b file attached, merely grab the top 4 vertices of the cube in edit mode and move them…



vertexparent.blend (126 KB)

I was working on this last year with 2.49 and the conclusion was that it is broken in copy rotation but ok with copy location. I like revolt_Randy’s suggestion of vert parenting if you can use it. Problems show up, however, if you are trying to use this on a surface that is modified, eg rigged or shape keys, it goes nuts every now and then. here is the best I was able to achieve it works fine until you move the main armature and then it all starts to break down, fwiw. I haven’t tried this in 2.53.

Thanks all. Totally forgot about vertex parenting. I just tried it in 2.53. While the twisting is not perfectly correct (it goes crazy on big rotations), it does behave a little better than the copy rotations constraint.