Rigging Sculpted Meshes (INPUT NEEDED)


I am curently working on assets for a game I plan on making, the main character is a fox.
So I started making the basic mesh and then went over the whole thing with sculpting brushes. As I was sculpting I knew the mesh would be very messy in wireframe and that made me wonder if sculpting with it is a bad idea incase it makes problems with rigging. Do you think I should re make it without sculpting and just use edit mode or should I be fine with sculpting and just carry on? Thanks in advance!

If you sculpt with multires, you can rig the base mesh, posing it will pose the sculpt without problem.
If you sculpt with dyntopo, the base mesh is lost, and if you rigged it, the weight are lost during the dyntopo sessions, and rigging a high poly sculpt will result in unpleasantness.

For the case of a dyntopo you should then retopo, bake normal/ao/etc maps from the high poly to the lower poly retopo and then you can rig it, retopo is usually a part of the most used workflow when creating creatures that will be animated.

Rigging high poly stuff in general in Blender isn’t working nicely most of the time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ll do that