Rigging Separate Hair Mesh

Does anyone understand what’s going on here?
In pose mode I rotate the head in the Y axis.

  • The head mesh, full strength weight painted to the Green DEF Head bone moves at twice the rate, why?
  • The scalp (from which the hair is emitting), which has been parented and weight painted full strength to the DEF head bone moves the same distance as the Head bone, but leaves the emitted hair behind!! Why?

The scalp mesh including hair moves, scales and rotates normally in object or edit mode.
This is using the rigify rig parented to the mesh with custom painted empty groups.


For those with a similar problem, found answer for connecting hair mesh to main mesh from Tony Mullen (Thanks Tony!)and enhzflep quoting http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Ma…_and_Parenting
“You can parent an object to a single vertex or a group of vertices as well; that way the child(ren) will move when the mesh is deformed, like a mosquito on a pulsing artery. In object mode, select the children and then the parent object. Tab into edit mode and select either 1 vertex or 3 vertices that define a face (or portion thereof), and Ctrl P and confirm. the line is drawn from that vertex. Now, as the mesh deforms and that parent vertex moves, the child(ren) will move as well.”
Still don’t know why head moves twice as far as DEF bone.

Can you post a blend file?

Hit R Y, head rotates at twice the rate of the DEF bone


HeadRoll.blend (1.98 MB)

Found the problem, I had 3 Armature modifiers. A few days back I specifically checked that, and only found 1 Armature on the main mesh. I see the individual meshes inherit this Armature modifier.

yep. i don’t see the hair mesh in this blend though. i was gonna suggest something about rigging it.

ohsnapitsjoel, I cut everything out to get the size down, even then , it was still 1.9 MB.
I figured the hair out, that was Tony Mullen’s 3 vertex parent trick, works a treat.
Finally this rig is doing what I want!

lol no problem. glad you got it working the way you need it to.