Rigging Shrinkwrapped Eyes

(SinjnCortes) #1

I have eyes on my character that are shrinkwrapped to his visor. When I parented them to the rig using automated weights, the half sunk into the face and moved positions whenever his head turned. I was wondering if there is a way I could parent them to where they stay on his face exactly where they are. when I was building the rig, I put the rigify face bones where the face was but didn’t adjust them if that’s important. I appreciate the help.

Face Rig

Head Straight

Head Turned

(Peter18) #2

couple of things. In the armature modification panel, make sure preserve volume is ticked.

Also, it should be as straight forward as going into vertex groups, select the one for the main head bone, and assigning the eyes in edit mode (select all, and click apply with a value of 1).

But you should apply the shrinkwrap also…

(SinjnCortes) #3

Thank you, I appreciate it. Everything works great.