Rigging Vehicles for Animation in Blender


I wanted to shamelessly promote my course a little bit on this forum because I feel it’s a very common problem that I am addressing with it and it doesn’t seem to have much attention in the market-place.

I have created a course on Udemy that goes through how to set up a fresh rig from start to finish using inbuilt tools for (at the time of launch) five different vehicles. These are the car, bus, HGV, tank and airplane. I have done it this way mainly so I can start easy; create simple rigs and then expand into more complicated vehicles as the time goes on.

The aim is to add vehicles as and when as Blender changes and add different types of vehicles, depending on how well the course does and if any requests come through.

I start off with the basics of rigging, some of the basic ideas, interface guidelines, the absolute basics of expressions, I even have a lecture dedicated to radians!

When ready, we start off with some very simple rigs, including setting up a hinge, the modifiers, the wheel and the road lights, and then get into the actual crux of the course, the reason you’re there, the vehicles! We start off with the easiest vehicle (the car) to warm you up, and then gradually increase the complexity and functionality of the rigs.

I’m in the process of building a promotional video at the moment, but if you would like to see a rig I have done in the past, you can check out the bus here. Alternatively, you can see the actual plane that we build in the course here.

I am very excited with this course, I hope with sincerity that you give it a look into if you’re interested in rigging vehicles either now or in the future and that you give me the opportunity to walk you through it.

You can access the course itself here: Ace Rigging Vehicles in Blender | Udemy
Udemy are always holding sales, but if there is not one on, you can use this coupon for a discount: