Rigging via multiple objects producing visual cracks

Hi everyone

I just started using Blender the other week and dove straight into rigging with basic FK armatures. My skill level is super basic and I wanted to create a character which is comprised of multiple pieces of skin meshes on one armature rig (in order to allow the character to be dynamically destructible in a game).

After parenting the pieces of skin onto the armature using automatic weights, I’ve come across this problem:

As you can see in my model, when I move the armatures about, the pieces of skin don’t stick together and start moving away on their own, producing cracks between each piece of skin mesh.

Basically, each piece of skin mesh is its own individual object, and I have will about 20+ individual objects attached the the single armature rig.

Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated! I’ve been trying to crack this problem for weeks without any results :frowning:

Thanks heaps guys!