Rigging weight paint issue

Hi guys, using latest version of blender.
so the character is rigged, but I want to assign the weight of the head for example to a specific bone.
can’t seem to find how to do that.
I’m in weight paint mode yeah, how do I switch between bones ?
Thank you

In Object Mode, select both the Armature and the Object with Shift. Go back to weight paint mode. Right click on the bone you want to paint to

Ok thank you, it’s a bit tricky tho

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Indeed it is. You can also change which vertex group you’re painting - and by extension, which bone- by clicking on a group in the Vertex Groups panel of the object properties

Oh sure, I kinda knew that, but I also remember that it was different the process to paint and select which bone

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It helps if you turn on “In Front” display for the bones

oh yeah that works too ! thank you guys

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