Rigging with Mirror modifier? Can it be done?

Hi! I’m new to Blender and new to 3D modeling. I’m working on my first mesh model and learning things as I go.

My question is: I’ve created the model using the mirror modifier and I’m about to start working on the rigging and texturing soon. Is it possible to rig or UV-map a model without applying the mirror modifier first, for example, if I want to make changes to the model at later time? Or should I just bite my lip, apply the modifier and work from that?

Thanks for your time!

you will be able to uv map as if it the modifier wasn’t there

however when assigning vertex groups, I think you’ll have to do it the old way

delete the mirror modifier, setup the vertex groups on the one side of your mesh, tweak the weight painting and whatnot. Then [shift+d] duplicate and flip your mesh. Rename the vertex groups that correspond with the other side [change all the .L or .Left to .R or .Right or vice versa], then join with your original and remove doubles.

[I’d think such a feature would have been added… but I haven’t seen it yet]

Thanks, I appreciate your answer!

So I take it that there isn’t really an easy way around it and I should just suck it up? I have a friend who’s more in the know with these things and he said this was possible in Max, and that’s why I had to ask.

Apply the modifier. You’ll want to look for information on UV mapping on the web – look for LSCM, pinning, and marking seams. The next version of Blender’s going to have an even better unwrapping algorithm, although I’m not sure if it’s made it to CVS yet.

Now, for rigging, the above is a good suggestion. If you Shift-D duplicate, this keeps the painted weights you’ve done. (Also, applying the mirror modifier removes a lot of useful information from the model.) However, I’ve found that it’s best to simply apply the mirror, create a skeleton (I usually create only the spine / head / torso chain and the left side, it’s habit), and get the side and torso totally weight painted (start with the body first, and work from the middle out – you’ll thank me later).

Now, if you follow general Blender naming conventions (.R for right-side bones, and .L for left), you can just copy / paste the bones to fill out the skeleton, then use the Mesh->Mirror Bone Weights script in the Scripts menu. Done properly, this saves heaps of time. Remember to save first before using the script; every so often Weird Things happen.

Nice model, btw. Would you be averse to posting a wire?

Hmm… That clarified things. Thanks!

Here’s a screenshot of the wire. It’s a bit messy 'tho… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same question about rigging and found this thread, but it occured to me that since it is two years ago the ancer was given, there might be a way to do this in a newer verson of blender. So is it possible yet?
thanks for your help :slight_smile: