Dear Members,
I’m new on blender and have a question related with rigging,
I try to rig between object and bone,
Only the bone can move but the mesh is not following it,
I’m using blender 2.8,
I 've used “Parent” with Ctrl+P, Armature Deform with Automatic weight,

In object mode I select the character (cube) and then the bone, then Ctrl +P…
What’s missing here ?


u need to select the bone in pose mode

Thanks for the reply, select the bone only on pose mode ? not with the mesh ?
Here’s my property hierarchy

I don’t understand, when I tested with 2 bones and 1 mirrored cube, it works…

the cube doesnt look like it’s parented to the bone

select the cube,then the armature, then go into pose mode and do Ctrl P with automatic weights
then it should work

it works now, thanks

yay, glad I could help