I have this strange problem… why can’t I pose my rig? Why do the bones refuse to respond to the Rotate command etc…? The rest position button is not pressed, but I just cant get my rig to move. Help!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

could u upload the blend file???

Sure - will do so soon-ish! Thanks!

You can download the file here…

It originally had a meshdeform modifier, but I unbound that because I ended up with a file that was 156MB in size!

ANyway, the mesh is on layer 1. The armature and the cage for meshdeform are on layer 3.

Thanks for helping!

problem solved…
woah man…after trying everything under the sun for an hour or so…
are you ready for this???
I found that u had the move “object centers only” button on…turn it off and all will be fine :slight_smile:
Sometimes the problems are so obvious that we tend to miss it completely…:stuck_out_tongue:
kudos dude…happy blending.

Wow! Thanks for that one!!! Have a nice day. Happy blendering to you too!!!